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We are a movement of Australian individuals, community groups and organisations, advocating for a safer world for all.

Below are resources to help you, your church or your organisation to join the call.


Policy REport

Read our policy report outlining why Australia must invest more in international development, climate action, and economic reform, to prevent the world slipping towards crisis points that threaten our common progress, stability and prosperity.


Partner Agency & Organisations’

The strength of this campaign is in the collaboration between all of the organisations, agencies and community groups that are backing this campaign.

Below is the toolkit outlining a few ways your organisation can participate in the campaign.


theology paper

Is your church eager to advocate for global justice?

In the Safer World For All Theology Paper Tim Costello unpacks what the Bible has to say about our role as advocates for global justice.


take action and add a post or story to your socials!

There is power in everyday Australians unifying their voices to inspire our leaders to take bold action. Share your involvement with your friends and invite them to sign the call!

Suggested Captions:

I believe all people deserve peace, opportunity and security.

That is why I am calling on our nation’s leaders to build a safer world for all.

Threats to our world are intensifying – dangerous weather, increased wars and soaring inequality. 

If we do nothing, today’s challenges will become tomorrow’s catastrophes. But, decisions made by this generation can put the world back on track.

Add your voice and join me in calling for a safer world for all